Bill Nussey

Bill Nussey, Climate Tech Investor and author of Freeing Energy

September, 23 -

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The Biggest Disruption in the Energy Industry that Almost No One Sees Coming


Bill is a career tech CEO. His first company, which he co-founded in high school, provided graphics software for early, text-based personal computers. His second company, Da Vinci Systems, was started out of his college dorm room and grew to serve millions of users across 45 countries. Later, he spent several years as a venture capitalist with Greylock. In 1998, he left the firm to run a portfolio company, iXL, which went public and grew to almost $500 million in revenue. After iXL, he joined Silverpop as CEO. Silverpop grew to nearly $100 million and became a global leader in cloud-based marketing. In 2014, IBM acquired the company and made it the foundation of the IBM Marketing Cloud. Shortly after the acquisition, Bill was promoted to VP Corporate Strategy out of IBM’s world headquarters in New York, helping lead global strategy for the company’s CEO and SVPs. Bill’s companies have created thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in value.

In 2017, Bill jumped into clean energy. It started with a TED talk which grew into 100+ articles, then became a top 10 energy podcast. In late 2021, after interviewing 320 people, over four years he published a book called Freeing Energy which has hit Amazon’s #1 New Release three categories. The book lays out a faster, cheaper, and more equitable path for the transition to clean energy as well as the trillion-dollar business opportunity to help deliver it. The core ideas focus on decentralized (or local) energy, novel business models, and new approaches to ownership and finance.

In 2018, Bill co-founded Solar Inventions to commercialize a series of scientific breakthroughs for improving the manufacturing of solar cells and panels.

Bill received a degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He holds several patents and has published three books.

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