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Talisen Technologies is a global leader of enterprise solutions for organizations with sophisticated networks, applications, and security requirements in Energy Management, Aerospace, Defense, Manufacturing, and Infrastructure Management systems.

Talisen’s Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP) is an enterprise-level tool that aggregates and consolidates data management from metering systems, building automation systems, smart sensors, applications, building management systems, and IT systems.
ESP is a scalable IoT platform and offers customizable dashboards to provide easy access to enterprise-wide information. The cloud-based platform operates through a secure access gateway to integrate and collect real-time data from different systems, normalize and analyze the data to identify actionable information, and visualize various stakeholders’ knowledge.

Utility Analytics
View utility cost, consumption measures, bills, real-time and historical information.

Interval Data
Analyze interval data from building automation systems, meters, thermostats, etc.

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Measure & Verification
Verify the performance of energy conservation measures using IPMVP-compliant tools and techniques.

Portfolio Analytics
View baseline, past, or current energy measurements to determine building rankings in your portfolio.

Fault Detection
Receive alerts and view analytics on current and historic data points to identify issues.

Kiosk Display
Share energy efficiency successes and project information with building occupants and visitors.


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