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Tagup makes the equipment that powers the world smarter, safer, and more efficient. Built by a world-class team with roots at MIT, our artificial intelligence software solves complex problems to create real-world value, like reducing carbon emissions, creating energy savings, and extending the life of machines.

Beacon, Tagup’s machine learning optimization software, improves building efficiency by dynamically changing cooling equipment operation in response to utility rates, weather conditions, and how each component is performing in real-time. It does so with little or no additional hardware and zero downtime. Beacon uncovers significant economic value in the form of cost reduction, and promotes compliance with green legislation to avoid fines related to building emissions limitations.

Commercial deployments of Beacon have proven to reduce chiller plant operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions by between 10-20%, with peak savings approaching 30%.

Stop by Booth #533 for a demonstration of Beacon AI and a free energy savings estimate for your site(s).

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