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Booth # 212

Synapse Wireless, Inc., a member of the McWane family, is an Internet of Things (IoT) company, focused on customer profitability through sustainability. Our team of craftsmen seeks to make environments smarter, more connected, and more controllable with holistic energy management systems like SimplySnap. Our performance optimization approach along with sophisticated insights and intuitive controls, provides a reliable, scalable, and simple platform to reduce energy consumption and drive smart business decisions. We sense, analyze, and control, by revealing waste and risk.

Let us demonstrate our holistic wireless IoT solution that puts you in control of your company profitability and sustainability goals with holistic control and sophisticated insights. SimplySNAP is a secure and scalable networking technology which connects to thousands of smart Things, forming an intelligent Industrial IoT networking connecting physical Things to the Cloud. The Cloud provides resources able to store and manage Big Data, producing business insights for cutting costs, increasing productivity, reducing risks, and creating new revenue models. SimplySNAP also automates workflows through its ability to change the physical state of connected Things (e.g., open a valve, close a circuit, dim a light). These capabilities form a Wireless Operating System based on a 3-layer (Things-Gateway-Cloud) interoperable architecture able to sense, analyze, and control a world of Things.

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