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For almost 20 years RedBird LED has been a world class leader for LED lighting innovation.

· The first company in the world to have their LED Tube Light placed on the Qualified Product List by the Design Lights Consortium

· Winner of the prestigious Progress Committee Award from the Illumination Engineering Society

RedBird LED continues its tradition for LED lighting innovation with its customized engineered LED lighting solutions. All products are made-in-the-USA with a ten-year warranty.

See our products in Booth 301:

· Troffer Retrofit Kits with 210 lumens/watt LED bulbs, the highest in the industry. More light – less energy – less operating cost.

· High Bay next generation Cardinal® fixtures with 188 lumens/watt LED bulb – L70>200,000 hours

· Universal Retrofit Solutions for Troffers – Cove light – Display Cases – Signage – Etc.

· Linear High Bay Retrofits: 4’-strip – 8 tube T8 Fixture Retrofitted with 190 lumens/watt

· Cardinal TM Perfect View & Ultra-View high performance LED lighting for auto paint inspection

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