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NEO® Net Energy Optimizer


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Willdan is a national leader in energy, engineering and software consulting. Since 1964, we have helped clients across all markets achieve their long-term performance and efficiency goals. Our world-class, integrated software supports cost-effective planning and investment decisions for buildings, cities and power grids across the nation.

NEO® is a powerful, easy-to-use online energy modeling tool for engineers, architects, product manufacturers, HVAC contractors, building owners and utilities. Powerful in its simplicity, NEO delivers customized real-time energy and financial analyses for commercial buildings. Its versatility allows you to perform HVAC life-cycle cost analyses, product comparisons and energy audits for existing buildings, and model new construction beginning early in design. NEO’s automated approach provides results in seconds with the accuracy of models that can take hours or days to develop. It uses vetted, industry-standard data to complete remaining inputs, which in turn automatically builds a baseline model, referencing the user-selected ASHRAE 90.1 or IECC standard. With 40+ building types, 150+ HVAC systems, 250+ operational and capital improvement measures, dozens of baseline protocols and RS Means cost data for computing ROI, NEO can serve any new or existing commercial, mixed-use or multifamily building. Need to compare products, meet The 2030 Challenge®, or achieve code compliance? NEO simplifies your reporting process.

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