Booth # 310

ioAirFlow’s platform prioritizes optimizing a building’s operations to help improve its indoor air quality (IAQ), increase energy efficiency, improve ventilation, and decrease utility costs. Our software helps to identify problem areas within your space and, our automated analysis platform provides you with simple, actionable reports enabling you to make smarter, healthier and more cost effective decisions for your buildings or your clients’.
We will discuss the value of relevant data in building operation and decision making at the ioAirFlow booth. Non-permanent sensors connected through the Internet of Things (IoT) can collect large amounts of information with very low effort, providing insights into a building’s performance, ventilation, and comfort at low cost. This solution also makes data more accessible for older buildings that typically lack building management systems (BMS), providing the building operator and occupants with analytics on how to occupy the space safely as it relates to virus transmission and ventilation. The non-permanent installation means that the same hardware can be used to test multiple buildings over time and across seasons. Actionable analytics based on building standards such as ASHRAE and WELL ensure that results and recommendations are accurate and well supported. Join us as we discuss ioAirFlow’s current applications and explore new opportunities together.

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