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Honeywell offers a broad range of energy management solutions that span each segment of the value chain, from generation, to transmission, to distribution. Our portfolio of intelligent services, equipment, devices and technologies have been designed to help utilities optimize their enterprise data, assets and resources, so they can operate more safely, sustainably, productively and profitably. We are a single source provider of the end-to-end solutions needed to help utilities navigate the changes that come with digitalization and decentralization in the energy ecosystem. With 18,000 engineers and 9,000 software engineers worldwide, and over 1,000 utility customers using our solutions, devices and services, we are uniquely positioned to help utilities manage the energy.

E-Mon, the industry leader in submetering hardware and software, responded to the growing need for more sophisticated energy profiling by developing advanced metering products that provide usage data beyond the master utility meter. Used in conjunction with automatic meter reading (AMR) software, submetering systems provide accurate and timely snapshots of a facility’s energy use —from a single circuit or device all the way up to an entire building and beyond.


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