FT Energy Controls

Booth # 335

FT Energy Controls (FTEC) has developed two high performance control systems to reduce Capital and Energy Costs for HVAC systems.

 The FlowBridgeTM and ClimateControl are able to control a 20 F Delta T across the chillers and fan coil units which reduces the piping and pumping system by 50% of the volume of conventional HVAC systems.

By making use of an ERV with only an enthalpy wheel at $4/CFM compared to a DOAS with an enthalpy wheel and DX cooling coils at $20/CFM, it is possible to save 80% of the cost of the DOAS.

The FlowBridgeTM and ClimateControl are able to save these capital and energy costs with a low-cost control system for each room consisting of sensors, a control module and control algorithms that continuously determine the amounts of outdoor air, sensible cooling and latent cooling needed and delivered to each room.

Learn how this is done by visiting Booth 335.

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