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C3 Green Energy distributes a proprietary product that has a global patent. We have one product, The Powerhouse. We provide services to our re-sellers and sales partners that involve facility wide energy efficiency audits and bill analysis, that will bring results of 8%-10% energy savings with one product The Powerhouse.

We brought our product to market in 2012 after 4 years of innovation and design was completed. The original patent was issued in 2010 and a new patent was issued in 2016. We now have installations in over 2,000 facilities. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, from all industry categories, government, schools, and alliances with utility providers.

C3 Green Energy is privately owned. We feel this is an advantage for our clients, as we stake our reputation on delivering customer satisfaction and results with each project. Our smallest and largest clients receive the same personal care and attention.

The Powerhouse, is C3 Green Energy’s proprietary product that delivers energy efficiency to facilities with several technologies, designed into a single energy optimization unit that delivers 8%-10%energy savings annually.

The Powerhouse features capacitors, harmonic filters, and reactors, 18 MOV’S and 50,000 volts of added surge protection. Working collectively, it prevents blips, flickers and other electrical events that are weather or grid related, or events caused by internal issues. The MOV’S are 100 KA rated each and provide robust, protection from surges, spikes, and transients. Capacitors with a stored charge provide a” ride through” from electrical events that are less than 20 cycles. Our patented technology features a neutral design that allows power normally lost, to be effectively used.

All Powerhouses are custom sized and installed at each main switchgear. The impact results in Amperage and KVA being reduced by 12%-15%, Voltage is balanced, KW &/or KVA Demand and KWH typically are reduced by 8%-10. Total Harmonic Distortion is addressed, and optimal power is delivered facility wide. The KVA being received from the grid is being used effectively at 95% efficiency and higher.

The Powerhouse is built in the USA, in Tennessee. It has a 25-year life and delivers real savings that directly impact energy cost and usage. GHG and Co2 impacts are impressive. We provide data showing the impact of our product for your facility and the direct impact to the environment.

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